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BSKL is a sharing fleet company which offering the best experience for the transportation and fun




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Help your residents & tenants
travel easily.

Give your residents and tenants the freedom and flexibility to connect, commute, and explore their city with ease. They’ll appreciate the simplicity of having a clean, private fleet at their fingertips instead of relying on unpredictable and potentially unsafe public scooter shares.

Stand apart from competition.

Attract active families and wellness minded professionals with premium e-scooters branded for your property. They’re fun to ride, and can reinforce marketing efforts focused on healthy lifestyles, car-free living, and green building initiatives.

Effortlessly add an amenity.

Meet the needs of your residents and tenants without the headache of managing an additional amenity. We handle installation, repair, and customer support as well as locks, helmets, and charging stations. We’re your partner every step of the way.

Meet your city’s sustainability requirements.

Work side by side with city programs to cut greenhouse gases, mitigate congestion, and comply with local Transportation Demand Management (TDM) ordinances. With Ridy, you’ll be joining fellow climate action stakeholders in making positive change and potentially earning financial incentives.

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Independence at the
touch of a button.


Independence at the
touch of a button.

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